Movies – Protecting Your Family at the Box Office

Keeping your family safe at the movies

Keeping your children safe from the realities of modern movies can be difficult. Especially since the box office seems to continue to push an agenda of sex, violence and language. As there is an age that is permissible such  content, it can be hard to differentiate at what age adult content is suitable. Here is a list of resources that I recommend to gauge the appropriateness of movies for your family:

  1. IMDB
  2. Common Sense Media
  3. Cringe IMDB
  4. Plugged In


IMDB is a dedicated resource. As it doesn’t directly pertain to deciding if a movie is appropriate, it can be a quick resource if you need to learn the plot of a film.

2) Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an amazing resource. It goes through some categories such as violence, positive messages, sex and more with great detail. They also do books, games and other media.

3) CringeMDB

I remember once being a few years younger and cringing throughout a movie that was distasteful while my Mom and Step Dad sat idly by. Cringe MDB is a website that will spit out a big YES or NO regarding the appropriateness of a movie.

4) Plugged In

Plugged In is an extension of Focus on the Family which is a Christian organization. I wouldn’t call Plugged In a biblical website but it does touch of some of the elements that Christians care about such as spirit content, language and profanity


Movies can be a touchy aspect for families especially if they have children of different ages. Hopefully these resources can help you along the path of family safety.

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